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JoinedJuly 29, 2019
Genotype | Review 61
Genotype is an original VR sci-fi narrative experience, newly released on the Quest. The player takes the role of Evely,...
I Expect You to Die 3 | Review 63
There's not much more I can say about I Expect You To Die 3 without spoiling something. And there's very little I feel I can criticise about it, because it does everything it sets out to do with style and finesse.
Slightly Fishy
Another Fisherman's Tale | Review 65
Another Fisherman's Tale is an original game with a lot of heart, and some things about it will make you smile. Narrative stodge and unwieldy storytelling get in the way of both the gameplay and the tale it's actually trying to tell.
Bonelab Meta Quest 2 Review
Bonelab is a howlingly empty, malformed experience. Yes, in terms of the possibilities that may present themselves with modding in the future, it's a little more promising, but the same could be said of VR Chat, and that's free.
Into the Radius Meta Quest 2
Whilst by this point, the post-apocalyptic Russian setting is in danger of becoming a familiar trope, the distorted reality of Into the Radius presents a slightly fresher take on it.
Little Cities VR Meta Quest Review
Little Cities is a delightful city builder that does everything well. It has crisp graphics, an interface tailored for VR, and finds a comfortable home on Quest.
Cities VR Meta Quest Review
Cities VR is its own worst enemy. It's technically challenged, has a confusing tutorial and a cumbersome control scheme, and simply doesn't feel at home in VR.
It Lives!
Resident Evil 4 | Review 69
Every scene in Resident Evil 4 has been rethought by perceptive, talented people with enough respect and love for the original to make sure it comes to Quest in its best light.
Yuki Meta Quest Review
The lack of feedback for blowing stuff up is a bizarrely common flaw in many modern shoot-em-ups, and Yuki is probably the worst offender I've played.