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BMBF Quest | Easy Custom Beat Saber Levels

Please Note: BMBF has NOT been updated to work with the latest release of Beat Saber. Until it has, nothing on this page will work! Be patient!

Quest 2 IS supported, but BMBF must be open and visible in the headset in order for you to be able to connect through your PC! — You may see the icon suggesting that BMBF has lost connection after exiting Beat Saber and reopening BMBF. You can restore this without having to restart BMBF.

Custom Levels ≠ Piracy

We do not encourage piracy, and we’re simply going to help explain how to use tools that are already out there, however, we do urge you to at least purchase the songs you download so that you aren’t playing levels featuring songs you do not own.

Don’t be that guy.

Here’s a video we made previously that explains everything simply – most of the information in it is still valid, but when it comes to restoring your game data – you might have to go to: Android/Data/com.beatgames.beatsaber/files/mods on your Quest (which you can do with the file navigator in SideQuest and delete everything you find in that folder other than

You may not have to do that, and when we restored our data, we found no other files, but if you do have issues, deleting any extra files in that folder could fix it.

Here are the text instruction if you prefer them:

Old User? Back Up Your Game Data First

If you’re a new user, ignore this section and go to step 1 🙂

We’re assuming you already have and use SideQuest! If you don’t – get it now – you’ll want it anyway 🙂

Open up SideQuest, go to Currently Installed Apps, that 3×3 grid marked in yellow below.

BMBF Quest | Easy Custom Beat Saber Levels 61
It’s yellow..

Scroll down to see Beat Saber, and click on the corresponding gear icon.

saber custom levels quest
It’s orange..

Backup your game data so that you don’t lose all your high score data, etc..

bmbf quest beat saber game data backup
Backup your data! This is also where you’ll restore it later, by clicking the restore icons next to the date.

Once you’ve done that, use the red button above that to uninstall Beat Saber using SideQuest. Uninstalling from the headset will not work for a modded Beat Saber.

Re-Install Beat Saber (from the Oculus store) to update to the latest version.

If you’re an old user, we’re assuming you’ve already got your Quest in ‘Developer Mode’, and you’ve already got ADB drivers installed on your system, and you’ve already got SideQuest. If so, you can skip to step 3 – if not, keep going and do whatever you haven’t!

1 / Enable Developer Mode

First, you have to go to Oculus and create a new organization, this is a ridiculously simple process. You fill in a name, and you’re pretty much done.

  1. Go to:
  2. Fill in the appropriate information.

Then, you can Enable Developer Mode from your Oculus app on your phone:

  1. Open the Oculus app on your mobile phone.
  2. In the Settings menu, select the Oculus Quest headset that you’re using for development.
  3. Select More Settings.
  4. Toggle Developer Mode on.

Okay, now before we go on, we need to tell you that the guys at Facebook might do exactly what they’ve threatened to do. They might wake up on the wrong side of the bed one morning and decide to suspend your account. They might block your account. They might send a ninja assassin over to your house and kill you with a thousand cuts. The instructions we provide are for adventurous souls, and we take absolutely no (none, zero, squat, zilch) responsibility for what you do with your Quest. Got it?

Okay – Now – Here’s what you need to do to get in on the fun!

2 / Install the ADB Drivers for Windows

If you haven’t already installed the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) drivers for windows, you need to get that out of the way. Don’t worry, it’s dead easy. All you have to do is download the zip file containing the driver, Unzip the file, and Right-click on the .inf file and select Install.

We’re assuming you have Beat Saber installed, if not, this might be a good time to make sure it is 😉

If you’re a new user, skip to step 4.

3 / BMBF Quest: Restore Your Game Data

Restore your game data that you backed up earlier using SideQuest. Now, use the Quest file explorer in SideQuest to check the Android/Data/com.beatgames.beatsaber/files/mods folder on your Quest. IF you find anything in that folder other than, delete it.

Once you’ve done that, the following steps are the as for those who hadn’t modded their Beat Saber game.

4 / BMBF Quest – Installing it!

You can download the BMBF from this link, you can download just the BMBF APK, or the BMBF Windows Installer.

Installing the BMBF APK

Using SideQuest, install the APK’s by dragging them to the top left corner of SideQuest, or by clicking the left-most button on the top right panel.

sidequest oculus quest

Now go to the Oculus TV app on your Quest and install BMBF using the Unicorn you’ll find there. You can also see this process in this video here:

You can now access BMBF on your Quest through the ‘Unknown Sources’ tab or through the ‘Oculus TV’ app. This allows you to use your Quest to browse, download, and synchronize custom levels and songs from the Beast Saber repository – all without taking off your headset. It’s a very neat trick.

Using the BMBF Windows Installer

Well, this really couldn’t be simpler, but it will require some patience, so don’t freak out when things take a bit of time. Hook up your Quest to your PC using your USB port, run the installer, and use the BMBF switch to enable/install BMBF. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to launch it from that app.

Using BMBF from your Desktop Browser

Alternatively, if you want to use BMBF through your desktop browser, you can do so by going to your Quest’s IP:5000 (in my example it’s –

And that’s it! You’re good to go! You now know how to install custom levels using BMBF Quest!

How to Add Songs

The easiest way to add songs to Beat Saber, is to create an account on Beast Saber, bookmark the songs you want, or follow your favorite mappers, and then use SyncSaber (available in a tab inside BMBF) to import your bookmarks and all maps created by your favorite mappers to your Quest and synchronize them with Beat Saber.

bmbf quest using syncsaber

Look Before You Leap

If you don’t want to lose custom level support, you should always wait a day or two (to allow for a new version of BMBF Quest to be released or to see if the version you have works well) before updating to any new version of Beat Saber.

Enjoy your custom levels, buy songs you play, and let’s hope Beat Games come through with their native custom levels support soon! What are your favorite custom maps on Beat Saber? Let us know and we’ll compile a list of the best suggestions!

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Daniel Schulz

bmbf link is down


Yeah! GitHub decided they didn’t like BMBF and took down the page earlier today. The modder announced that work is ongoing, and that there will be new download links soon. We’ll update this guide as soon as the new links are available!comment image


OMG how did I MISS THIS!!

In Forster

Every time i try to use BMBFInstaller it does not work, i click begin, then it just sits there and spins for hours and never finishes. if you have this problem go to


Yeah. The installer was referring to the repository to finish the APK installation, so we’ve updated the page to reflect those changes 🙂 Hopefully this video will also help explain it to anybody who’s confused! Thanks for sharing!


still having issues with roughly half of the songs not playing.


More than likely those songs were installed using an older method. I’d clear them out, bookmark them in Beast Saber and then use Sync Saber to sync them up again. Let me know if that works 🙂


so it turned out for me that if I tried to install the songs via browser on Desktop Chrome, roughly half of them wouldn’t work. Once I started using the browser inside Oculus TV, everything worked much better.


Oh! Glad you figured a way around it 🙂 If you haven’t, I highly recommend Empty Threats by Chvrches and Moves Like Jagger 🙂


I’m a big Chvrches fan but that song does nothing for me.

Moves Like Jagger is already on my favorites.

Any other suggestions? Really struggling with a lot of my favorite songs being expert only.


Struggling again with beat saber custom songs being copied to quest via bmbf but then they are not listed in beat saber and don’t show up in playlists on bmbf. Side quest shows a folder but no files. Win10 explorer shows all files and folders.


i cant find the inf. button


If you mean the “inf” file for the ADB driver, you might not see the file extension if you’ve got those turned off in Windows.

Psy-Ko Smiley

Man this might sound easy to you but it’s like a foriegn language to me. I just want to jam to some metal

Ares Warherald

ive opened this for the first time and it is saying loading configuration its been 15 minutes. what do i do?

Benjamin Foster

I’m can’t get any of the songs to show up in beat saber. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please help!

The game player

So, I am trying to log in to bsaber through my Oculus, but every time I put in my info (I know it’s right), it plops me back at the website and didn’t log me in, any help?


I’d suggest you log into the website from your regular desktop browser, bookmark all your tracks and follow your mappers there, then just give BMBF/SyncSaber your username, and have it sync your tracks from there 🙂

The game player

I tried that, opened up Beat Saber afterwards, and the bookmarks folder was empty, even though I bookmarked, like 5 songs.

Joshua Roberson

for the absolute life of me i cant find the apk file to download. i downloaded multiple things with apk and my computer keeps saying i dont have an app associated with it. someone please help me.