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Oculus Quest 2 Hidden Gems 59

Oculus Quest 2 Hidden Gems

Some of the Best Quest Titles You Might Have Missed!

We recently put together our list of must-have quest titles. Despite covering a broad range of game styles, we had to hold back a few of our favorite titles to keep it down to ten. But there are many lesser-known, lesser hyped games that we think are truly fantastic, so without wasting any more time, here’s our list of hidden gems on Quest!

10 Spacefolk City

oculus quest hidden gems

Spacefolk City came out of nowhere to offer the Quest its first city-building experience, lovingly wrapped together within an endearingly playful character. It is a subtle, nuanced, and enchanting experience that showcases the importance of getting the basics right. Full review of Spacefolk City!


oculus quest hidden gems

SWARM offers a non-stop thrill ride of arcade action. The core mechanics create a synergy between a unique, fluid movement system and relentless, almost overwhelming action-packed gameplay that is a joy to experience. With a skill curve that embodies an “easy to learn, hard to master” design and well-realized difficulty settings that allow anyone to enjoy it, SWARM has one thing at its core – fun. Full review of SWARM!

08 Crashland

oculus quest hidden gems

Crashland offers the most well-conceived, well-delivered gameplay loop in the genre. That and the incredible enemy design make it the new gold standard for wave shooters and a fantastic game to boot! We strongly urge those put off by the fact that Crashland is, at heart, a wave shooter, to put their preconceptions aside and try it out. Full review of Crashland!

0 7 Clash of Chefs

oculus quest hidden gems

Clash of Chefs offers the most intuitive and accessible iteration of the often-overlooked time management niche that the Quest library has seen. While it doesn’t push the genre’s boundaries, it delivers the basics in a fast, fun, and easy package that keeps you wanting to come back for more. Full review of Clash of Chefs!

06 Myst

oculus quest hidden gems

Myst in VR is fantastic, a polished iteration of a classic title that has been thoughtfully and carefully realized. It’s by far the best way to play Myst, and if you like your games thinky and immersive, it’s a must-buy for mystery fans and a genuinely great puzzler. Full review of Myst!

05 Journey of the Gods

oculus quest hidden gems

As close to a Zelda game as you’ll get on Quest and wonderfully rewarding from start to finish, Journey of the Gods might be one of the Quest’s greatest hidden treasures. It’s well-made, endearing, and eminently playable. It’ll grow on you as it builds towards an emotionally satisfying end. Full review of Journey of the Gods!

04 Tetris Effect

oculus quest hidden gems

Tetris Effect is a flawless, technically incredible re-imagining of Tetris as a sensory dreamscape journey. It’s not only mechanically solid and a damn good game but one of the best examples of games as an entirely original art form. Full review of Tetris Effect!

03 Lies Beneath

oculus quest hidden gems

A genuinely scary, technically impressive, solid, and thrilling Quest title that contains a surprising (and all too rare) level of polish for a VR game. It’s a horror game heavily influenced by comic books and stylized accordingly, and it’s an absolute thrill to experience. Full review of Lies Beneath!

02 Mare

oculus quest hidden gems

As impressive as it is weird, Mare is a class act from start to finish. It’s a macabre and mysterious adventure that offers a haunting experience that long outlives its light puzzles and relatively brief playtime. More of an experience than a game, but still enormously rewarding. Full review of Mare!

01 The Under Presents

oculus quest hidden gems

The Under Presents is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced while wearing a headset. Part game, part theatrical experience, part social world, The Under Presents provides Quest owners with a unique experience in virtual reality. It’s a title that can only disappoint gamers who demand that games conform to their expectations. Full review of The Under Presents!

Finally, a couple of honorable mentions!


oculus quest hidden gems

Accomplishing most of what it sets out to do, Stride is an exhilarating parkour-driven action game that’ll have you traversing an abstract futuristic cityscape while sweating buckets. It rewards you with a well-earned flow-state when you do well. It will provide a unique and rewarding experience for those who get into it. Full review of Stride!


oculus quest hidden gems

Cubism is a tight, beautiful little game that’s easy to recommend to anybody who likes challenging spatial puzzles, clean aesthetics, and excellent music. As an added bonus, it now works in passthrough mode, so you can puzzle it out in your own space! Full review of Cubism!

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