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Guide: Solve Intermittent Quest Wi-Fi Issues with Quest 61

Guide: Solve Intermittent Quest Wi-Fi Issues with Quest

Quest Wi-Fi issues have been around ever since version 8 of the Oculus Firmware was released a couple of months ago. Oculus themselves have acknowledged the problem, which seems to happen with users who rely on a home mesh network. The Quest seems to drop the Wi-Fi when shifting across different bands. We had all hoped that this problem would get resolved with Firmware 9, but many were disappointed to see that, despite advances in the firmware, this particular issue has not yet been resolved. Well, until Oculus come up with a permanent solution, here’s one way to fix your intermittent Wi-Fi issues.

You’ll need to be able to Sideload apps, for which we advise using SideQuest, and you’ll need the Quest App Launcher utility which you’ll find available in the ‘apps’ section on SideQuest, and you’ll need to download (link below) the APK for an android app called Swifi.

If you don’t have SideQuest or haven’t enabled developer mode on your Quest yet, go here for information on how to do so.

Finally, go to this link, and download the APK of Swifi, you can install it by dragging the file to the top left corner of the SideQuest app and dropping it on the logo. That should install it.

Once installed, you’re good to go!

  1. Open up your Quest.
  2. Launch the Quest App Launcher from the Unknown Sources tab.
  3. Go to its ‘2D Apps’ tab.
  4. Launch Swifi.
  5. You have to toggle the top switch to give it access to your location.
  6. Then scroll to the bottom and toggle it to ‘Prioritize 5G Connection’.

You’re done!

If you’ve done everything right, your Quest should now stay locked to your 5G connection and you shouldn’t experience any intermittent Wi-Fi issues! Keep it that way until Oculus fixes the problem with the internal firmware, and you should be good.

I’ve tested this myself, and have had NO Wi-Fi issues since.

Best of luck, and let us know if it works for you or if you require any clarifications!

Featured Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

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Luis Blando

It did not work for me. I have Netgear Orbi with a router and two satellites, and I am getting as many disconnects after I used SWIFI as I did before. No impact whatsoever 🙁

Is there any other solution?

Jeramy Hall

I have a mesh network that doesn’t have separate dedicated 2.4 & 5 ghz (it auto togethe between the 2 depending if device) However, when i create a guest Network, I’m allowed to limit when frequency they have access to. So creating a guest Network and only allowing 5ghz, then putting my Quest, phone, and TV on it had worked flawless with no more drops in WiFi every 2 min. Hope this helps!


it’s not working. And it’s fishy.
That swifi app fails to start trying to also do something with the virtual desktop.
This is quite fishy… for a simple force 5GHz option you have to sacrifice a lot of safety… go to side quest… ok… oh… install their app launcher…. oook…. then go to a site and download a basically an unapproved apk for a damn wifi preference???