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A Fisherman's Tale Updated for PSVR2 and Out Now! 59

A Fisherman’s Tale Updated for PSVR2 and Out Now!

Narrative Puzzler Updated for PSVR2

Vertigo Games has recently announced the release of the award-winning VR puzzle game, A Fisherman’s Tale, for PSVR2. We reviewed the title when it came out on Meta Quest 2 a while back, and you can read our review here, or watch it below:

Game Highlights:

  • Award-winning VR Puzzle: A Fisherman’s Tale provides players with a unique VR experience, having garnered global acclaim for its innovative gameplay.
  • Twisted Reality: Players assume the role of Bob, a diminutive fisherman puppet, and navigate a world where the notion of inside-out and upside-down is more than just a metaphor.
  • Engaging Storyline: Set in a secluded cabin, the journey kickstarts with a storm alert on the radio. The primary objective is to reach the top of the lighthouse and ignite its beacon. Yet, with the help of some enigmatic allies, the outside world proves to be unexpected.

If you already owned the PSVR1 version of the game, you have the opportunity to secure the PSVR2 upgrade at a reduced cost.

Have you played A Fisherman’s Tale or its sequel, Another Fisherman’s Tale? What do you think of the series? Are you looking forward to more?

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