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ALVO Returns Home with a PlayStation VR2 Release This September 61

ALVO Returns Home with a PlayStation VR2 Release This September

Alvo Comes to PSVR2 This September

Hot on the heels of recent announcements, OutsideIn Entertainment has revealed its plan to re-release the fast-paced military shooter, ALVO, on PlayStation VR2 on September 14th, 2023.

The title had an incredible journey, originally announced during the early days of PlayStation VR. ALVO was designed to be an immersive, team-based arcade shooter, optimized for the PlayStation Aim controller. Unfortunately, the project met a roadblock in early 2018 due to financial constraints, leading to its cancellation. However, the robust PlayStation VR community, unwilling to see such a promising title fall by the wayside, rallied behind ALVO, ensuring its revival.

ALVO Returns Home with a PlayStation VR2 Release This September 65

Following its successful launch on the original PlayStation VR in 2021, the game has witnessed a slew of updates, introducing innovative game modes, a diverse range of maps, and an expansive arsenal for players to explore. This trajectory of evolution is set to continue with the game’s forthcoming release on PlayStation VR2, promising to offer an even more immersive gaming experience.

The PlayStation VR2 version of ALVO boasts several compelling features:

  • Real Time Dynamic Lighting
  • Ultra-Sharp 4K HDR Graphics with a 110° FOV
  • Full Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  • Enhanced gunplay with the Sense Controller’s Advanced Haptics & Adaptive Triggers
  • PS VR2 Headset Feedback

As part of its roadmap, OutsideIn Entertainment also plans to roll out future updates for ALVO, introducing throwable weapons, new maps, mod support, and more. Additionally, cross-play will be available with PSVR, Meta Quest, and Pico at launch, and will soon extend to Steam VR.

For those eager to jump back into the battlefield, ALVO will be available for purchase at $19.99 on September 14. Players who already own the game on the original PlayStation VR will have the opportunity to upgrade to the PS VR2 version for a nominal fee of $5.00, we would have preferred a free upgrade to existing users, but it seems most developers still haven’t learned that lesson.

For more information on ALVO and other projects from OutsideIn Entertainment, gamers can head to their official website or check out their presence on platforms like Twitter, Discord, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

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