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Arizona Sunshine 2 Gets Quest 3 Updates 57

Arizona Sunshine 2 Gets Quest 3 Updates

The latest patch brings significant visual and gameplay improvements to the VR zombie shooter

Arizona Sunshine 2, a post-apocalyptic VR shooter game, has just received a major update specifically for Quest 3 devices. Vertigo Games, the developer behind this immersive zombie experience, has announced Patch 1.2, bringing a series of enhancements that significantly improve the visual and gameplay experience for Quest 3 users.

Key improvements in the update include:

  • Enhanced graphics with 4K textures and improved shading for characters, weapons, and hands, making the zombie apocalypse more visually stunning than ever.
  • Higher quality models and shading for the undead, along with more impressive blood splatter effects, adding a new layer of terror to the game.
  • A bump in the native resolution on Quest 3 devices, offering crisper and clearer visuals for an even more immersive experience.
  • Additional fur support for Buddy, making him not just a sidekick but a more lifelike companion in the desolate world.

Beyond visual upgrades, Patch 1.2 introduces gameplay enhancements such as easy reloading, left-handed support, and fine-tuned weapon handling for a smoother experience. The update also adds grenades, providing new tactics for dealing with groups of enemies.

This update is not exclusive to Quest 3; it’s also available for PlayStation VR2, Steam VR, and Pico, ensuring a wide range of VR players can enjoy these improvements. Vertigo Games encourages all players to update their game to experience these enhancements firsthand.

What are your thoughts on the latest update for Arizona Sunshine 2 on Quest 3? Have the enhancements improved your gameplay experience? Share your views and any new strategies you’ve discovered in the comments below.