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bHaptics Reveal Their New Haptic Gloves! 59

bHaptics Reveal Their New Haptic Gloves!

Relatively Affordable Haptic Gloves Come To VR

Haptic gloves were never really popular in modern VR Gaming due to their uncomfortable design and high prices. However, it seems that a creative new approach is about to make gloves part of gaming.

The idea behind the TactGlove by bHaptics is quite simple. The product takes advantage of a camera-based hand tracking system and combines it with haptic feedback.

That innovation is what makes TactGlove cost $299 USD. Although it might sound a bit expensive, it is far cheaper than the standard, bulky Haptic Gloves on the market.

TactGlove comes in 3 sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra Large. It seems that bHaptics decided to make TactGloves with a set of inner gloves, which was a hygienic consideration worth noting since the inner gloves can be easily washed and replaced.

bHaptics Reveal Their New Haptic Gloves! 63
  • VR-Ready with Native Compatibility: TactGlove is already natively supported by a few VR apps, namely Unplugged: Air Guitar, Hand Physics Lab, and bHaptics Player, which attendees at CES 2022 will be able to try at the company’s booth along with the company’s existing TactSuit lineup.
  • Full Body Haptic Suit: bHaptics is also showcasing the rest of the TactSuit lineup at CES 2022, including TactSuit X40, which won the 2021 CES Innovation Awards. The number of natively supported apps is increasing and is currently over 100 VR titles, including Blaston, Hyper Dash, and Onward.

Here’s their product reveal video!

Now if the TactGlove is as interesting as it seems, we’ll have to wait and see. Technology keeps advancing quickly and we are seeing many improvements to the tools that we used to interact with VR games.

What do you think will be next? What do you think about bHaptics new product?

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