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BHaptics Support Comes to Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife 59

BHaptics Support Comes to Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife

Wraith: The Oblivion was always a very sinister franchise, so living it in VR is definitely something else. The experience with Afterlife was already creepy, but it’s about to get much scarier now that the game has support for bHaptics.

BHaptics Support Comes to Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife 63

Now players can experience goosebumps, damage impact, heartbeats and more, making Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife a much richer and scarier experience. Here’s all that the game can do with bHaptics:

  • Goosebumps: Experience the hair raising on your body as you are being noticed by a Spectre
  • Heartbeats: Your heart beats harder when you are being chased by a Spectre, and when using ‘Sharpened Senses’ to find your way around
  • Damage: Feel the impact when taking hits by an enemy or walking through portals
  • Arm vibration: When using ‘Wraithgrasp’ to lift heavy objects, your arms vibrate from the accumulated power
  • Misc. additional haptics support

If this game seemed scary before, get ready for the most immersive experience in the World of Darkness to this date. Are you excited about playing Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife with bHaptics support? Do you think you can handle the immersion after it’s dark? Let us know in the comment section!

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