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BMBF Updated for Beat Saber 1.16.4!

Custom Songs Return to Beat Saber on Quest!

The Unicorns have finally spoken to Quest owners, and the new version of BMBF is out now, compatible with Beat Saber 1.16.4 and bringing back the joys of Custom Songs for all Quest users!

The team made the announcement on Twitter a few hours ago:

New BMBF Released for Quest

And here are the change notes:

What’s New?

  • Update to
  • Completely removed asset modding in favour of song loading mods.
  • Support for far more songs than were previously possible (1800+) tested.
  • Songs can be in multiple playlists at once.
  • Core mods cannot be removed in the BMBF UI – you can click Delete Mods in the tools tab and then sync to reinstall them.
  • Mods are now enabled/disabled/installed/removed only when you sync.
  • Changed to new .qmod file format for mods, which has extra features and advantages over the legacy BMBF format (which is no longer supported).
  • Far more reliable core mod installations (codegen should always install without issues now).
  • Essential core mods are now built into the BMBF APK, and do not have to be downloaded.
  • Configuration format almost completely changed, upgrading code added to migrate from the old format.
  • New endpoints added and some removed:
  • Added option to reload playlists folder.
  • Added option to prevent BMBF from being killed in the background.
  • Reloading your songs folder does not break your playlists (they are kept as is – only known songs are updated)

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes, buttons on BMBF may not be clickable after patching. Attempting to exit BMBF will then softlock your quest. To fix this, restart your quest by holding down the power button.
  • Thumbsticks for scrolling may not work! This will be fixed soon.


Old game version mods will NOT work on this new update. If you wish to use a specific mod, wait for it to be released in BSMG’s #quest-mods or on Please do keep in mind, at this point in time, no mods have been updated. As they release, we will update this NoticeBoard so you can always remain informed.

What’re you waiting for?!

Download the latest BMBF from:, or on SideQuest:

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