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C-Smash VRS Set to Launch on Meta Quest and PICO VR Platforms 59

C-Smash VRS Set to Launch on Meta Quest and PICO VR Platforms

Futuristic VR Sports Game Expands with New Modes and Cross-Platform Features

Futuristic VR sports game C-Smash VRS is gearing up for an expansion across the galaxy, landing on Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, and PICO 4 headsets worldwide on April 4, 2024. This announcement comes from RapidEyeMovers, the game’s producer and publisher, alongside developer Wolf & Wood, who are introducing new game modes and features to enhance the gaming experience.

C-Smash VRS pays homage to SEGA’s Cosmic Smash, blending racket sports with block-breaking action across over 140 levels. The game has captured the attention of fans globally, earning award nominations and Game of the Year considerations. It’s celebrated for its physicality and excitement, offering a mix of solo and multiplayer modes that take players on a journey through space and time.

C-Smash VRS Set to Launch on Meta Quest and PICO VR Platforms 63

The game’s expansion includes the introduction of Cross-Platform Global-Leaderboards, inviting players to compete for top positions. Plans for cross-platform multiplayer are also in the pipeline, promising even more ways for players to connect and compete.

C-Smash VRS comes packed with a variety of gameplay modes to suit both solo players and groups. These include Head-to-Head, Firewall, Quickshot, Zen, Training, and a challenging AI BOT mode. The Infinity mode adds a dynamic twist, challenging players to dodge and smash hazards in a workout-like experience, while the Co-Op mode allows friends to team up for high-score attempts.

C-Smash VRS Set to Launch on Meta Quest and PICO VR Platforms 65

An innovative Emote system enhances online communication, allowing players to express themselves without words. The game also features leaderboards, player stats, a music player, and stage select menus, ensuring endless replayability.

The game’s audio landscape is shaped by original tracks from renowned artists like DJ Ken Ishii, Danalogue, and UNKLE, complementing the game’s striking visual design.

Produced and published by RapidEyeMovers and developed by Wolf & Wood, C-Smash VRS represents a collaborative effort among international designers and artists, offering a unique and physical gaming experience.

For those interested in the fusion of music, motion, and virtual reality gaming, C-Smash VRS on Meta Quest and PICO platforms promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

Have you played C-Smash VRS or are looking forward to its expansion? Let’s discuss the game’s impact on VR sports and its innovative features in the comments.