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Cyborn BV Announces Updates for Hubris on Meta Quest 3 61

Cyborn BV Announces Updates for Hubris on Meta Quest 3

Hubris Gets Graphical Enhancements on Meta Quest 3

Belgium-based video game developer Cyborn BV has revealed plans to update its virtual reality game, Hubris, tailored specifically for Meta Quest 3. The forthcoming changes aim to refine various aspects of the game, including visual fidelity and the overall game environment.

Screen Resolution

One of the primary focus areas for the update is the screen resolution. The current specs for Hubris on Meta Quest 2 sit at 980×1152 pixels per eye. The update intends to enhance this to 2064×2208 pixels per eye on Quest 3. The change is expected to yield clearer and more detailed graphics.

Texture Quality

The texture quality in Hubris is set to undergo changes as well. Previously, high-quality textures were exclusively available for desktop and PlayStation VR 2 iterations of the game. Cyborn BV aims to include these textures in the Quest 3 version. The intent appears to be standardization of visual experience across platforms.

Environmental Upgrades

The update will also address environmental details. For instance, the density of foliage within the game will increase. Likewise, there are plans to improve the Level of Detail (LOD), allowing for more intricate landscapes.

You can see the differences in this video here:

Industry Context

The update from Cyborn BV follows a broader trend with Quest developers to enhance older titles for performance boosts targetting Meta Quest 3.