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Dead Hook Now Available Across Major VR Platforms 59

Dead Hook Now Available Across Major VR Platforms

The VR Rogue-like Shooter Expands Its Reach

Joy Way has released Dead Hook across a variety of VR platforms, making the game accessible to players on PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest Store, Steam VR, and the Pico Store. This expansion, effective from February 8, 2024, follows the game’s original launch on June 29, 2023. Inspired by iconic arena shooters, Dead Hook immerses players in the role of Adam Stone, a multifaceted character navigating through the alien planet Resaract’s challenges.

With the game’s initial launch in English, Joy Way plans to extend its reach by adding text localization in seven languages, including Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, aiming for a broader global engagement by February 23.

Dead Hook Now Available Across Major VR Platforms 63

The game distinguishes itself with dynamic mechanics such as grapple hooks for advanced movement, strategic combat enriched with ragdoll physics, and randomly generated biomes offering unique trials and rewards. It promises a versatile gameplay experience through over 80 buffs and numerous player builds, anchored by a narrative that delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the duality of AI.

The introduction to new platforms comes with tailored enhancements, leveraging the specific capabilities of each device. The version for Pico headsets mirrors the Meta Quest build, operating at 72Hz, while the PlayStation VR 2 and Steam VR versions are optimized to deliver a more immersive experience at 90Hz. This decision follows a revision from the initially proposed 120Hz due to unforeseen technical challenges.

Dead Hook Now Available Across Major VR Platforms 65

Joy Way invites players and media representatives to explore Dead Hook further through the provided press kit links and encourages communication through email or Twitter for additional information or inquiries.

Have you dived into the world of Dead Hook on any of the VR platforms, or are you intrigued by the upcoming language options? Your experiences and anticipations are welcome in the comments below.