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Dead Hook New Gameplay Trailer & Release Date 59

Dead Hook New Gameplay Trailer & Release Date

Dead Hook Delayed Till June + New Gameplay Trailer

Joy Way, developers of Stride, Stack, Red Flowers and the soon to be released Dead Hook, have prepared a new gameplay trailer for Dead Hook! This trailer showcases the weapons, mechanics, and enemies that will be in the game, giving us all a sneak peek of the action-packed adventure that awaits.

Despite Dead Hook being ready for release on May 18, Joy Way have decided to postpone the release date to June 29 due to important business reasons, including unforeseen changes in the Meta release calendar.

This was posted on the official Dead Hook Twitter account:

Dead Hook New Gameplay Trailer & Release Date 63

As you can see, Joy Way promise that this extra time will be used for extra polish and finishing touches, as well as incorporating content that was planned for after the release.

We’re excited, and despite being disappointed with the delay, are glad to see some more time put into the final product!

Here’s the newly released gameplay trailer showcasing a lot more than we saw in the announcement trailer released a while back:

Are you as excited as we are about Dead Hook? Did you like Stride, and are you still playing that? And, we’re very curious – how many of you have played Outlier when it was in production? It really looks like Dead Hook is building on the foundations established in that game!