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End Space Quest 2 Update Brings 90Hz and More 59

End Space Quest 2 Update Brings 90Hz and More

Space Dog-Fighter Gets Quest 2 Updates

Space arcade combat game End Space update takes advantage of the Quest 2 with enhanced features, and it’s out now. Developer Justin Wasilenko has enabled the newly supported 90Hz mode for a smoother experience, as well as Phase Sync for reduced latency. End Space now has real-time shadows inside the cockpit and the detail level is now equal to that of the Rift version.

This update also changes the default control scheme to use the thumbsticks on the Quest controllers for flight movement while aiming with the Right Touch controller to use your ship’s guns. The Weapon Switch buttons have been switched from the Right Controller to the Left controller along with the Brake/Boost buttons. According to the developer, this allows boosting and braking while flying in a more intuitive way.

In addition by disabling Gaze to Aim and enabling Virtual Joystick the game now allows two-handed control. Your secondary hand aims the turret while the primary hand controls your Minos Spacefighter.

Another big change is that the game now uses a new input curve on the Touch thumbsticks to more closely resemble those found on other Bluetooth gamepads. As a result, the turning rate between touch and gamepad should be much more consistent. Swapping between gamepads and Touch controllers is now more reliable too.

End Space Quest 2 Update Brings 90Hz and More 63

If you are using the virtual joystick mode to control the ship, there is now an option to hold the controller at a negative angle since the resting angle might be more comfortable for pilots.

End Space Update Changelog

• Enabled 90Hz mode on Quest 2
• Enabled Phase Sync
• Added real-time shadows on Quest 2
• Higher level of detail models on Quest 2
• Changed the default control scheme for new pilots to use thumbsticks for flight and right Touch controller for aiming
• Enabled two-handed control mode by Enabling Virtual Joystick and disabling ‘Use Gaze to Target’
• Swapped Boost/Brake buttons with Switch weapon buttons on Touch controllers
• Added a negative value range to the Controller Angle setting
• Changed the input curve of Touch thumbsticks to match gamepads
• Changing from gamepads to Touch controllers should be more reliable in swapping controls over
• Switching from gamepad to Touch when not using Look to Aim resulted in the reticle being stuck on the Touch controller
• Fixed missing texture on Teleport points in the hanger
• TLF ships that attempt to flee will now be destroyed

If you’d like to tell Justin what you think about the game or have any suggestions, join the discord!

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