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Epyka: Discovering a Lost Civilization in Virtual Reality 57

Epyka: Discovering a Lost Civilization in Virtual Reality

A VR Journey to Epyka Island with Archaeological Adventures Awaits

Singular Perception has announced Epyka, a VR adventure game set for early release in 2024 on the Quest platform, with subsequent releases on other major VR platforms. The game centers on the exploration of Epyka, an island reminiscent of the mythical Atlantis, through the eyes of Scott and his dog, Jack. Scott, following in his archaeologist father’s footsteps, aims to uncover the reasons behind the Epykean civilization’s disappearance.

Epyka offers a narrative-driven experience, blending exploration with puzzle-solving elements set against the backdrop of a lost civilization. The game’s environment promises to provide a rich, immersive setting for players to engage with the story’s mysteries and challenges.

The announcement trailer, available following the embargo lift on February 6th, 2024, at 9am CST, provides an initial look into the game’s world, highlighting the virtual environments players will navigate and the companionship between Scott and Jack.

As Epyka prepares for its launch, Singular Perception encourages sharing of the trailer and discussions about the game’s concept and design. The development team aims to deliver a game that combines engaging gameplay with a compelling narrative, exploring themes of discovery, history, and the bond between humans and animals.

Epyka: Discovering a Lost Civilization in Virtual Reality 59

What aspects of Epyka are you most looking forward to exploring? Are you intrigued by the archaeological adventure theme in VR? We welcome your thoughts and discussions on this upcoming title.