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EVERSLAUGHT Invasion's Major Resurgence Update Released 59

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion’s Major Resurgence Update Released

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion Gets an Update with Q3 Enhancements

Fast Travel Games, in collaboration with developer MobX, has announced the release of the Resurgence Update for their co-op action VR game, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion. This update is now available as a free download for existing owners on Meta Quest platforms.

The Resurgence Update brings a comprehensive overhaul to the core gameplay of EVERSLAUGHT Invasion. Instead of the previous round-based waves, the game now features a new Survivor Mode where players face a continuous stream of enemies. This update aims to provide a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

Key features of the update include:

  • A new Survivor Mode with ongoing enemy challenges.
  • A Weapon Ability System allowing players to upgrade their weapons according to their playstyle.
  • The option to purchase permanent upgrades between rounds using blood vials.
  • Introduction of five difficulty levels to suit different player skills.
  • Support for seven additional languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Russian.
  • Visual enhancements with new VFX, shader effects, and improved resolution support for Meta Quest 3.

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion, priced at $19.99, is available for Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro. The Resurgence Update is aimed at enhancing the overall gameplay experience with its new mechanics and visual upgrades.