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Ghosts of Tabor Achieves Significant Milestones Ahead of Meta Quest Store Launch 59

Ghosts of Tabor Achieves Significant Milestones Ahead of Meta Quest Store Launch

The VR Shooter Prepares for Expansion to PlayStation VR2 and Pico Platforms

Beyond Frames Entertainment and Combat Waffle Studios have officially released Ghosts of Tabor on the Meta Quest Store after generating $10 million in revenue and attracting over 500,000 unique users during its 11-month tenure on App Lab and Steam Early Access. This multiplayer survival extraction shooter is noted for its immersive gameplay, featuring hardcore squad-based survival tactics, scavenging, and crafting within a VR-exclusive setting.

Developed by Combat Waffle, a studio founded by a U.S. military veteran and comprised of fans of the survival extraction shooter genre, Ghosts of Tabor has been designed to fill a gap in the VR gaming market. The game has been recognized for its detailed realism, from weapon handling to environmental interaction, offering a blend of PvP and PvE elements that allow for a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

The game’s success is marked by several accolades, including being a 2023 Platinum Seller on Steam, a finalist in the Steam Awards VR category, and winning the Game of the Year at the VR Awards. With over 13,000 positive user reviews and a very positive rating on Steam and App Lab, along with a significant Discord community, Ghosts of Tabor is setting a high standard for VR shooters.

Looking forward, Ghosts of Tabor is set to expand its reach to PlayStation VR2 and Pico platforms later this year, promising cross-platform play to unite friends across different VR environments. Beyond Frames Entertainment has also announced ongoing support for “Ghosts of Tabor,” with future content updates including new playable areas and enemy types to enhance the game’s replayability.

What are your expectations for “Ghosts of Tabor” now that it’s officially launched on the Meta Quest Store and planning expansions to PlayStation VR2 and Pico platforms? Are you excited about the new content updates and the possibility of cross-platform play? Share your thoughts and discussions below.