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Grapple Tournament Transitions to Free-To-Play on September 14th 59

Grapple Tournament Transitions to Free-To-Play on September 14th

Tomorrow Games has announced a significant change to its VR grappling hook shooter game, Grapple Tournament: the game will transition to a free-to-play model starting September 14, 2023. This move aims to expand the player base and enhance the gaming experience for the existing community.

Details of the Transition

The shift to a free-to-play model will be executed as follows:

  • Meta Quest Platform: The paid version will be retired, with the free trial version expanded to offer the full game at no cost.
  • Steam VR Platform: The current $14.99 version will be available for free.
Grapple Tournament vr free to play

Perks for Early Adopters

As a gesture of gratitude, players who purchased the game before the transition date will receive an “Early Adopter Bundle”, which includes:

  • A new Grapple Hat
  • An exclusive skin pack for all weapons
  • 1200 in-game credits
  • Over 100 previous items in the game

To claim this bundle, existing players need to have purchased Grapple Tournament and open the game before September 14 to receive the bundle in-game.

Grapple Tournament vr free to play

Versions Being Sunset

The following versions of the game will be discontinued:

  • Paid Quest version
  • Oculus Rift version
  • Steam demo
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