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Guardians Frontline Enhances VR Combat with Update 1.5 59

Guardians Frontline Enhances VR Combat with Update 1.5

VirtualAge Introduces New Foes and Features to Popular VR Shooter

VirtualAge, in partnership with Fast Travel Games, has rolled out an update for their acclaimed VR shooter, Guardians Frontline. This free 1.5 update, available to all current game owners on Meta Quest 2/3/Pro and SteamVR, introduces a slew of new features designed to enrich the gameplay experience. Players can now confront enhanced enemy types with novel attacks, enjoy a raised level cap to 50, and don a new skin that offers additional protection in combat.

Guardians Frontline combines intense shooter mechanics with strategic base-building elements, allowing players to engage in combat as both soldiers and commanders. The game has been well-received within the VR community, evidenced by high user review scores and multiple awards at the 2023 NYX Game Awards.

The update introduces evolved enemies, including a spider-like foe that can burrow underground and a new Siege Sentinel with long-range attacks. Additionally, the level cap increase to 50 opens up new ranks for players to achieve, rewarding top players with a new skin that provides extra resistance against explosive damage.

Further improvements include a new attack for the AK20 weapon, various bug fixes, and enhancements to the game’s Editor Mode, allowing for even more customized gameplay experiences.

For those interested in seeing the changes firsthand, a new trailer has been released alongside this update. For more information about Guardians Frontline and to stay updated on future developments, visit the official website and follow the game on social media.

Have you tried out the new update for Guardians Frontline? Share your experiences and thoughts on the new enemies and features. How do these changes impact your strategy and enjoyment of the game?