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Heartbreaker Trilogy Comes to Pistol Whip! 59

Heartbreaker Trilogy Comes to Pistol Whip!

Continuing with their free updates to their rhythm shooter, Pistol Whip, Cloudhead Games have just released Pistol Whip’s most extensive free content update ever, The Heartbreaker Trilogy – and it’s out now for PC VR and Oculus Quest! 

About The Heartbreaker Trilogy

Heartbreaker Trilogy Comes to Pistol Whip! 61

Coming hot on the heels of Pistol Whip’s release on PSVR, “The Heartbreaker Trilogy” is the game’s biggest content update yet! Packed with new scenes, modifiers, gun models and wraps, achievements, improvements, and more, The Heartbreaker Trilogy is a chilled-out departure from the norm and it’s meant to act as an upbeat respite to rock out and relax before what’s in store.

New Scenes, New Vibe

Following a five-part season of face-melting music forged for fighters, the Heartbreaker Trilogy is a mellow palette cleanser aimed at all the lovers. The first-ever multi-scene pack includes three new scenes featuring artists from repeat label Kannibalen Records and a first-time appearance from label Seeking Blue. They represent an all-new chilled-out, colourful, and highly-musical take on classic heart-pumping Pistol Whip action. 

Letting Go – EMBERZ: Players dance and shoot their way through showers of stars and rain in this upbeat transitional journey above a dreamy pastel cityscape. 

Heartbreaker Trilogy Comes to Pistol Whip! 63
Screen from Letting Go

Embers – Dabin feat. Jill Harris: Angelic vocals help players groove and vibe through this warm, colourful, and abstract scene. 

Heartbreaker Trilogy Comes to Pistol Whip! 65
Screen from Embers

Another Day – Dabin x Inukshuk (feat. Nevve): Players will experience the explosive and joyous conclusion to The Heartbreaker Trilogy in a fantastical journey across the road less traveled.

Heartbreaker Trilogy Comes to Pistol Whip! 67
Screen from Another Day

New Modifiers, Existing Modifier Score Changes, Achievements and More

  • Calling all high score chasers: We’ve upped the bar on point potential with two new modifiers: Vengeance and Disorder. With Vengeance enabled, enemies are even more ruthless, shooting back every time players land a shot. Disorder, on the other hand, shuffles enemy armor types around, ensuring even seasoned veterans must improvise to survive. Vengeance will add 10% to total score, Disorder 5%, and Dual Wield now has a 0% score modifier and will no longer negatively affect scores. 
  • Achievements are here! Twenty-three brand-spankin’ new achievements make their debut for players to unlock.  
  • New guns, new skins, and new effects. A water gun collection, along with squirt-filled visual shooting effects make a SPLASH into the gun case. PLUS, a new Heartbreaker-themed wrap joins the collection along with a sweet new synth gun sound effect that really shakes things up for the Heartbreaker scenes.

About Pistol Whip: 

Pistol Whip has been one of our favorite games on the Quest, and got a glowing review from our own Doc Neale. Since its release, it’s been updated constantly, making it better and better, and all the content added to it thus far has been completely free, making a great game even better and better. If you already have the game, you know what we mean, and you’re probably updating it now as we speak just to try out the new levels! If you don’t already have it, what’re you waiting for? Read Doc’s review, and if it sounds like something you’d like, then rest assured it’ll knock your socks off!

What are your favorite tracks/levels from Pistol Whip? Have you tried the ones from Heartbreaker yet? Let us know in the comments!

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