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In Death: Unchained Announced as Oculus Quest Exclusive 61

In Death: Unchained Announced as Oculus Quest Exclusive

Superbright, a developer new to Quest but with people who’ve worked on Dying Light, Dead Island, and even Cyberpunk 2077 – is getting ready to release In Death: Unchained as an Oculus Quest exclusive in July!

According to the developer, In Death: Unchained brings a rogue-lite experience onto the Oculus Quest. Grab your longbow and rain down arrows against the forsaken souls, angelic creatures, and demons that have taken over the afterlife as you battle through procedurally generated levels in Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. 

Initially created by Solfar Studios as In Death, Superbright have extended the game with lots of new content.

From Superbright –

A Medieval VR Shooter with a Rogue-lite Twist:

In Death: Unchained takes the classic rogue-lite experience and finally puts it into the highly responsive and immersive world of VR. Procedural generation randomizes the map layout, enemy spawn points and loot locations, while modifiers based on your previous run ensure each new attempt is different. 

Fight Like Hell

Manoeuvre and outthink your enemies to gain the upper hand. Muster precise accuracy for long range longbow attacks. Tap into your reflexes to dodge incoming arrows or use your shield to block ranged and melee threats. Upgrade your bow with a host of special arrows gained by looting monsters, finding pick-ups or by visiting in-level Reliquaries where you can power up with a range of special arrows to help you blast through ever harsher enemy encounters.

Death is Not Defeat

Game progression is driven by an achievement system that persists across each run and scales the difficulty level of the game to players as they master the game. But death does not mean defeat as each run earns you special abilities or modifiers that carry over to the start of your next run.

Custom Forged for the Oculus Quest

In Death: Unchained has been purposefully built to use all the features of the Oculus Quest and take full advantage of a VR experience that is unchained and untethered to a PC. Locomotion, aiming, shooting, dodging incoming fire, using the environment for cover, head and arm tracking etc are all tweaked and tuned to work fully in tandem with the freedom the Quest offers. 

Just who exactly are Superbright?

Superbright is a collective of veteran AAA and Silicon Valley developers whose previous work includes Dead Island, Dying Light and Cyberpunk 2077. Launched in 2016 with a sole focus on VR, Superbright has a history of launch projects and cooperation with companies like Oculus, Google, Sony, or Varjo. 

In Death: Unchained will launch in July 2020 and is Superbright’s first exclusive title for the Oculus Quest joining the few games to be approved for the platform this year as Oculus continues with their carefully curated, quality games only, approach.

We’re excited to try it out, and should be getting our hands on it pretty soon! So expect our review to be ready as soon as it’s released!

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I don’t understand this locking the game behind a niche corner of VR users.


Oculus is allowed to fund games for themselves. What’s the big deal? It’s a potential incentive to buy an Oculus because it runs everything. Valve could easily make an exclusive for the vive if they wanted but valve makes tons of money already so their strategy is to just keep everyone happy so everyone can play.

It doesn’t make Oculus bad, since it’s owned by Facebook it has to be profitable or they will kill it. So it’s a value proposition.

I agree Oculus should make it so anyone can play… Heck make it a timed exclusive, but I don’t begrudge them for paying for exclusives. It always sucks when you can’t play something. Like re7 on PS4 has vr but it doesn’t on PC where it would be… Incredible. It sucks but you move on.


All of this is possible on PC so I hope some of this comes for the people who picked the game up on PC when it released.