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Into the Radius Meta Quest 2

Into the Radius Receives 2.7 “Little Things” Update Featuring New Weapons and Items

Atmospheric VR Survival Shooter Gets Meaty Update

CM Games has rolled out the 2.7 “Little Things” update for its game Into the Radius, enhancing the player experience with several new features and fixes. While the developers are primarily focused on the game’s upcoming sequel, the update brings together several improvements made over the past few months.

The update was initially aimed to delve into the game’s lore, but after re-evaluation, the development team decided to save the lore expansion for the sequel. Instead, the 2.7 update focuses on smaller but significant gameplay elements that fans have been requesting.

One of the key features of the update is the addition of the 6-shot .357 Magnum MP412 REX revolver, which players have been requesting for a long time. The developers humorously caution players against using the revolver for Russian roulette.

The update also brings in 3 handmade Pecho toys based on the game’s unofficial spawn-origin mascot. These charming, little items can be found hidden at various locations within the game. In addition, the update introduces a new sunflower seed snack item that players can interact with.

CM Games has included a multitude of fixes and refinements, the details of which can be accessed through the patch notes on different platforms like Steam and Meta. An update for the Pico platform is set to be available next week.

For those interested in the Supporter Pack, the update adds new camouflage patterns for a range of weapons including PM, AKS-74U, IZh-81, OTs-33, and Mosin-Nagant. After purchasing this pack, players can apply and remove the new camouflage patterns using the Upgrade Box in the player’s hub.

The Supporter Pack is available for PCVR on Steam and for Meta Quest players via the Meta Quest Store. It includes not only the camouflage patterns but also other DLC content like soundtracks, postcards, posters, and wallpapers.

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The development team at CM Games is excited about the forthcoming sequel to Into the Radius but assures that the current game will continue to receive the support and updates it deserves.