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Playing Cosplay with Some 8-Bit Kaiju

Indie VR developer Happy Kamper Pictures announce the availability of its inaugural game Block Buster VR, a Kaiju cosplay action-packed adventure that lets players live out their childhood fantasies of stomping through cities and toppling buildings as an oversized monster. Block Buster VR is available starting today on the Meta Quest Store for $19.99 USD.

An homage to classic kaiju films, Block Buster VR is a larger-than-life action-arcade scavenger hunt that’s all about creative demolition. It combines full-body destruction with cosplay, collecting, and crafting. Players will tear through cities, toss tanks, smash buildings, nibble people, and leave a wake of annihilation in their path as they clear objectives and earn collectibles to decorate their ultimate monster fan lair.

“The inspiration started when we populated some of the VR walkthrough presentations we were doing for architectural clients with a few big-headed people and piles of blocks. They couldn’t resist knocking over the blocks and commented on the Godzilla-like perspective,” said Happy Kamper co-founder Brent Kappel. “When the pandemic hit, we saw an opportunity to lean into our childhood fandoms and try making our first full-fledged game.” Block Buster VR offers five unique playable monsters and five cities to destroy. Players can customize their costumes, unlock new paths, and uncover hidden items as they earn points, prizes, and collectible items to exchange with friends.

  • Five unique, playable monsters with special abilities
  • Five fully destructible cities to demolish
  • Hidden items and secret paths throughout each level
  • Over 200 collectible items and prizes to win
  • Be your beast self with avatar and monster costume customization
  • Multiplayer via in-room hangouts
  • Awesome soundtrack by 8-bit Weapon.

“The team had so much fun coming up with new ideas while working on the game, and we can’t wait to see how players respond,” said Doug Herzog, Happy Kamper’s other co-founder. “It’s our hope that today’s launch is just the beginning, as we have so many more monsters, cities, play modes, and platforms we’d like to explore.”

Block Buster VR is available now on the Meta Quest 2 for the SRP of $19.99 USD, with additional content and platforms to follow.

You can watch our first impressions of it on video right here:

About Happy Kamper Pictures: Happy Kamper Pictures is a Chicago-based entertainment company experienced in virtual reality and 3D production. Prior to pivoting to game development, the company’s portfolio included large-scale projects such as the Amazon Prime series, Like Them; and a wide range of Architectural Visualization assets including interactive architectural VR walkthroughs, 3D animations, 3D rendering and modeling, and practical filmmaking. The team has just launched its first title, the Kaiju-cosplay game Block Buster, to share their love of filmmaking, Kaiju, and pop culture with VR players.

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