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Leafboat Studio Unveils MindXcope Demo at Upload VR Winter Showcase 59

Leafboat Studio Unveils MindXcope Demo at Upload VR Winter Showcase

Free Public Alpha Demo Now Available for VR Rogue-lite Action Game

Leafboat Studio has announced the launch of a free public alpha demo of MindXcope during the Upload VR Winter Showcase. The demo, highlighting the game’s unique blend of rogue-lite elements and surreal art style, is now accessible on Meta Quest via App Lab and Steam VR. MindXcope immerses players in a world that explores human struggles through intense action and deep thematic content, offering a preview of the full experience planned for release in mid-2024.

About MindXcope: MindXcope transports players to a surreal realm where they confront enemies representing personal fears and nightmares, symbolizing the battle against internal demons. The game combines rogue-lite mechanics, a stylized art direction, and a diverse arsenal of weapons to create a richly layered VR experience. Players can expect varied enemy types, dynamic sword-fighting mechanics, and gameplay modes designed to test their skills and resolve.

Key Features:

  • Roguelite elements including a weapon shop, upgrades, and randomized rewards.
  • A visually striking representation of mental challenges like anxiety and greed.
  • An array of primary and secondary weapons, each with unique abilities.
  • Diverse enemies, each with distinct attack patterns and skills.
  • Gameplay modes such as Purge Mode, Limited Time Survival Mode, and epic Boss Fights.
  • A “corruption value” system influencing the player’s journey based on their actions.

The MindXcope demo’s availability on Steam VR and Meta Quest introduces players to its rich narrative and gameplay mechanics ahead of the full game’s launch on Steam, Meta Quest, and Pico platforms. Leafboat Studio invites players to join the MindXcope community on Twitter and Discord for updates and discussions.

Leafboat Studio Unveils MindXcope Demo at Upload VR Winter Showcase 63

For a closer look at MindXcope’s artistic and gameplay elements, access the press kit provided by Leafboat Studio.

What are your thoughts on the psychological themes and rogue-lite mechanics of MindXcope? Share your impressions of the demo or anticipation for the full game in the comments below.