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Major Update for No More Rainbows Coming Oct 5th: New Deathmatch Mode and Power-Ups! 61

Major Update for No More Rainbows Coming Oct 5th: New Deathmatch Mode and Power-Ups!

No More Rainbows Gets Deathmatch and More Power Ups!

Squido Studio has announced a significant update to its video game, No More Rainbows, which we reviewed on the 6DOF Reviews YouTube Channel right here. The update, launching October 5th, includes several new features and gameplay mechanics designed to expand the existing options available to players.

Among the key additions is an Official Deathmatch Mode. This new mode allows for up to six players to compete against each other on six newly-designed maps. According to Anthony Nobile, Marketing Project Manager at Squido Studio, the Deathmatch Mode was introduced in response to community requests for more competitive gameplay options.

In addition to the Deathmatch Mode, the update also brings three new Power-Ups into the game:

  1. Sword: A one-time-use item that enables an instant-kill mechanic.
  2. Milkshake: Provides a temporary invincibility shield.
  3. White Berry: Can be deployed to create a wind vortex for both quick map traversal and trap-setting.

The update also incorporates a Gold Cosmetic Tier designed for players who have collected a significant number of golden eggs in the game. These cosmetic items offer a new layer of customization options for players.

Another feature in the update is a redesigned Leaderboard system that now ranks players globally. The ranking is based on player performance across the different game modes, including both the newly-introduced Deathmatch and the existing Chicken Catch modes.

Squido Studio has also improved usability with a New Lobby System specifically designed for different game modes, making it easier for players to select their preferred style of play.

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