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Max Mustard Set to Launch on Meta Quest 59

Max Mustard Set to Launch on Meta Quest

New VR Platformer Scheduled for Spring Release

Max Mustard, developed by Toast Interactive, is set for a Meta Quest release on March 21, 2024, priced at US$29.99, with early access available from February 14.

Toast Interactive has scheduled the launch of its VR platformer game, Max Mustard, for March 21, 2024, on the Meta Quest Store. The game, offering early access starting February 14, introduces players to a virtual reality adventure aimed at rescuing creatures from a nefarious businessman.

The game’s development emphasizes a narrative-driven experience across 40 levels, incorporating the Kishōtenketsu storytelling structure for varied gameplay and engagement. Max Mustard aims to provide an alternative to the dominant shooter genre within VR, focusing on exploration, puzzles, and narrative.

Set for a wider release, the game will later expand to PlayStation VR2 and PC platforms, with specific enhancements for each. Toast Interactive will also present Max Mustard at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, timed with the game’s early access phase.

As part of the VR gaming catalog, Max Mustard represents Toast Interactive’s venture into platforming within virtual reality, aiming to add diversity to the available game types for VR enthusiasts.

For those interested in exploring a new VR platforming experience or following the game’s development, additional information can be found through Toast Interactive’s provided web page and press kit.

What are your thoughts on the platforming genre within VR? Are you looking forward to trying out Max Mustard, or do you have other favorites? Share your experiences and expectations in the comments.