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Medal of Honor Patch 1.19 Released 61

Medal of Honor Patch 1.19 Released

WW2 FPS Gets First Post-Launch Patch

Although we haven’t released our full review of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, anybody who’s read (or seen) our preview, knows we mentioned quite a few issues. Although our biggest concerns (mostly regarding optimization and general graphical quality) have not been addressed, the first promised post-release patch has been released addressing various other quality of life issues. Here are the release notes:

Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond

Version 1.19.0

  • By popular demand, you can now choose Smooth Turning as an alternative to the default Flick Turning. Try it out by going to the Options menu, clicking on the “VR Comfort” section, and setting “Turn Style” to “SMOOTH”. You can further adjust the “Smooth Turn Speed” value here (default 50%) to find what works best for you. This only has an effect when smooth turning is enabled. Streamlined Mission Progression
  • We removed all the “Victory!” screens from level progression. You now only get a completion screen when you beat one of the six missions. Quartermaster Area Changes
  • It is now much easier to pick up weapons from the tables and weapon racks.
  • Health Packs now respawn after a short duration. All Videos in the Gallery are Unlocked from the Start
  • All of the Gallery content — every location, interview, and 360-degree panorama — is now unlocked from the very beginning. Originally they would unlock as you played through the campaign, but now you can watch them in any order.
  • Louder M1 Garand “Ping” Sound! Louder. We made it louder. You asked for it, we’re more than happy to oblige. Other Changes:
  • No longer need to choose “Equip” when selecting a multiplayer avatar.
  • In Multiplayer menus, fixed an issue with the party invite Accept and Decline buttons being difficult to press.
  • When launching the game for the first time, the initial Options menu now displays correct localized text.
  • Fixed a respawn issue with the landmines in the Mission 2 Live Fire Gauntlet.
  • Fixed an issue with truck collision in the Avalanche level.
  • Various under the hood fixes and optimizations.

How has your time been with the game? Now that some of you have gotten your hands on it, how do you feel about our initial preview? Agree? Disagree? Let us know! Do you want us to cover more PCVR content that can be played with Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop or should we stick to Quest titles only?

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Richard Kavanagh

Hey man love the game there are some problems don’t get me wrong but you nailed the whole world to scale some VR game ant to sacle but you have nail it one problem I have notice and other people have the issue is it doesn’t matter how much ram you have ie 16 or 32 the game take all but 1 gb of ram is this a bug???