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Oculus Quest News Jan 29th

A month into 2020, and things are looking good for our favorite VR platform! Here’s the latest Oculus Quest news!

Audica Has Arrived!

Another rhythm game, but this one comes from Harmonix, the daddies of Music/Rhythm games, and the developer that brought you Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band! Audica has had a great life on PCVR and has finally made its long-anticipated arrival on Quest! We’ve been playing it, and we’ll have a full review of the Quest release ready for you very soon!

quest news audica

Vulkan Support Added to Unity

In case you don’t know, Unity is the 3D game engine behind most of the Oculus Quest apps you’re playing today. If you’ve played any Quest games at all, chances are you’ve been exposed to Unity! Unity now fully supports Oculus’ Vulkan graphics API, offering more efficient graphical performance and improved visuals. So look forward to better graphics on Quest games! How much better? Well, the claim is that it can give up to 35% performance gains! So hey, not too bad!

quest news vulkan

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Already out on PCVR and being enjoyed by Oculus Link users on Quest, Saints & Sinners will have a native Quest release, but we’ll all have to wait a while before we can kill walkers untethered! It’s being slated for a Q4 2020 release, so we’ll have to wait for Winter/Fall before we can get our hands on it!

quest news walking dead

AMVR VR Stand: Quest Stand & Charger

Released a while back, the AMVR VR Stand gives your Quest a nice place to stay while you’re not using it, and also charges it for you. We’re reviewing it now and should have that review up soon, but judging from the quality of the AMVR grips we reviewed last year, we’re expecting good things. If you can’t wait for our review, you can find it on Amazon.

quest news amvr stand

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