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Old Mine Update Arrives for Arizona Sunshine 59

Old Mine Update Arrives for Arizona Sunshine

Last night Vertigo Games, developers of zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine released their Old Mine update, and it’s free to download for any existing users of the game.

Set in the depths of the Old Dutchman Mine (possibly the most frightening area of Arizona Sunshine because… zombies IN THE DARK), the Old Mine update adds a new horde mode map that’s guaranteed to give some fresh new life to the game, and scare both you and your multiplayer pals.

arizona sunshine old mind update

The Old Mine map can, as usual with horde mode, accommodate up to four players, and has some verticality built into it. Vertigo also promises that the zombies may have found new ways to get to you!

For some extra information and few survival tips, be sure to check out the official announcement on the Oculus Blog!

arizona sunshine old mind update

The next free update promised for Ariona Sunshine, Undead Valley, will add another Horde mode map with its own unique challenges and should arrive in February. For a reminder of what else is to come, check out the content roadmap below.

arizona sunshine old mind update
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