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Outlier Approved for Oculus Quest 65

Outlier Approved for Oculus Quest

Outlier is a VR roguelite-shooter that is meant to be launched this year on Steam. The developers at Joy Way seem to have been doing a fantastic job, promising realistic enemies that act aggressively and a variety of ways that the player can deal with them.

Joy Way just announced that Outlier was just approved to be sold at the Oculus Quest Store. According to the people from Joy Way, the game will be out year for PC VR this year. The Oculus Quest version of the game should be coming out at the beginning of next year.

Outlier Approved for Oculus Quest 69

Game Features

• Elaborate, yet randomized level generation

Every level is procedurally generated. This means each new restart is a brand-new experience for the player. You will meet different characters and experience new artifacts, weapons, and story pieces. Your unique abilities build across the game’s even in a single game session.

• Making the most of VR

The advanced controls integrate a wide range of movements. As you tactically break your way through the enemy hordes and navigate the complex terrain, you’ll need to use your body to cast artifact powers, slam enemies with surrounding objects, cut them into pieces, dodge their attacks, hide behind objects, jump, dash, and more.

• Micro and macro player progression

The combination of power-ups and ability modifiers makes for different experiences. Combine your spells together to get new ones: mix a fireball and a telekinetic push to acquire both an explosive fireball and a fire push. Shape your character and armory between the runs to construct diverse builds for any playstyle.

• Explore a looped Sci-Fi world

The solar system after alien race expansion is a harsh place, full of harsher occupants. As you progress through each planet, random events and new storyline pieces will help you to infiltrate the black hole and fight back against the intruders. Interconnected levels drive you to explore your surroundings, full of breathtaking landscapes and mysteries like secret rooms, hidden passages, and artifacts.

The decisions you make through each life and death cycle provide for a story that is uniquely tailored to each player.

This seems a fun experience, but there is much to be seen yet. Are you interested in Outlier? Are you gonna get it for PC VR or Oculus Rift? Let us know in the comment section!

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