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Outta Hand VR Jumps on Meta Quest Store this September 59

Outta Hand VR Jumps on Meta Quest Store this September

Pre-orders now available with an exciting discount for early birds

Swedish XR-focused publisher Beyond Frames Entertainment and indie game studio Capricia Productions have announced the release date for their new VR game, “Outta Hand.” The game will be available on the Meta Quest store from September 28, 2023, with pre-orders now open, offering a 10% discount.


“Outta Hand” immerses players in a high-energy platform adventure where they become one of the Hand-People, creatures with the ability to jump great heights and distances thanks to their elongated arms. The central narrative follows the player’s quest to save themselves and others from a character known as Dr. Vendelvom, who has slated them for termination.

Outta Hand VR Jumps on Meta Quest Store this September 63

Players will navigate through 37 levels filled with various challenges, including several boss fights. An endless mode offers two varieties for continued enjoyment, promising numerous hours of gameplay.

Development and Features

The game promises a blend of exhilarating movement mechanics coupled with a light, humorous narrative. Players will also have the option to customize their movement comfort settings to suit their playstyle, ensuring a more personalized gaming experience.

About the Developers

Capricia Productions, initially a group of gaming enthusiasts and a metal band, transformed into a full-fledged indie game studio with a team scattered across the globe. They debuted in the gaming industry with “Of Bird and Cage” released in May 2021.

Outta Hand VR Jumps on Meta Quest Store this September 65

On the other hand, Beyond Frames Entertainment houses development studios such as Cortopia, Moon Mode, and partner studio Odd Raven, providing a range of services from funding to marketing. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and are noted for partnering with studios to create prominent XR products.

How to Follow Updates

For those eager to follow the game’s final development stages, updates are available through various social media platforms including Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.