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Pistol Whip Update! New "Full Throttle" Track, Modifiers, and Options! 59

Pistol Whip Update! New “Full Throttle” Track, Modifiers, and Options!

As promised by Cloudhead Games, we have a new Pistol Whip update! Another new track has been added to the game, bringing post-release tracks to three so far! The first was High Priestess, the second was Akuma, and now, we’ve got the Full Throttle Update!

pistol whip update

Full Throttle is the biggest update to Pistol Whip yet, with a hardcore Mad Max-inspired new scene, two new modifiers, and new customization options!

Shoot, dodge, and whip your way through the desert in the midst of a rampaging vehicular rally filled with surprises along the way.

Full Throttle promises to be the hardest scene yet introduced in Pistol Whip and is the first to introduce scene events, adding synchronized animated sequences to scenes for spectacular flair.

pistol whip update

The free update to the game also includes two new modifiers: Scavenger, and One-and-Done. One-and-Done turns all armoured enemies into one-shot kills. This gives you a new way to tackle the enemy density of harder difficulties. The second new modifier, Scavenger, is a whole new way to play. With Scavenger, the only way you can reload your weapon is by pistol whipping — if you want ammo, you’ll have to take it. This modifier can make it difficult just to get through scenes, and adds new strategy as you conserve ammo, dodge more, and pistol whip any chance you get. We’re pretty damn sure it’s going to be murder on your calf muscles as you’ll have to do a lot of ducking and weaving between pistol whips!

Cloudhead Games have also added a bunch of new customization options, including the Tac-Ops weapon collection featuring three new pistols.

Full Throttle is also featured in this weekend’s ESL Pistol Whip Play Cup. Practice with Deadeye and Hardcore, and compete this Sunday for glory and the chance to win a Rift S from Cloudhead’s partners at the VR League and Oculus. Check out more details and sign up on the ESL website.

pistol whip update

In case you’re one of the few who still don’t know what the fuss is all about, read Doc Neale’s review of Pistol Whip right here!

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