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PrecisionOS Virtual Reality Training

PrecisionOS & Virtual Reality Training of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Low-Resource Countries.

PrecisionOS uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology and augmented reality to bring medical-grade, interactive experiences to physicians. This includes surgical training.

Now, with Support from Oculus and an Epic MegaGrant, PrecisionOS has teamed up with a global humanitarian organization to provide orthopaedic training for doctors in low-resource countries.

According to PrecisionOS, their VR training module for surgeons gives them deliberate practice so they can approach the same situation in different ways and receive feedback on it.

PrecisionOS & Virtual Reality Training of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Low-Resource Countries. 61

“We developed a training module for SIGN to use in low- to middle-income countries which have scarce resources and where access to quality surgical care is a growing global health concern,” explains Danny Goel, M.D., surgeon and CEO of PrecisionOS. “With our module, local surgeons in those countries will be able to access effective training on current orthopaedic techniques, improving orthopaedic fracture care and benefitting patients by allowing them to return to their daily lives as quickly as possible.”

“PrecisionOS is demonstrating that VR training can be less expensive and more accessible than traditional alternatives,” said Sebastien Loze, Simulation Industry Manager, Epic Games. “We’re thrilled to support this initiative through Epic MegaGrants, and to see Unreal Engine used for the betterment of those in need.”

It is quite interesting to see that VR technology can be used in ways that go way beyond gaming. It is really great news that we can make surgeons better prepared at the beginning of their careers by providing them training that directly shows them how to approach delicate situations.

VR technology really is something else, and it shows that interactive videos do not always need to be games. Still, the technology used in games is the one that is going beyond the entertainment line and providing new ways to develop doctors and hopefully many other professionals as well.

The Future looks bright and exciting. Do you think that VR is going to become even more important with time? Let us know in the comment section.

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