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Prison Boss VR Arrives on PlayStation VR 2 with Sequel Announcement

Crafting and Smuggling VR Game Expands to New Platform

Montreal-based VR studio TREBUCHET has released Prison Boss VR on PlayStation VR 2, marking the game’s expansion to the new platform. Originally launched in 2017, Prison Boss VR is a simulation and crafting game set within the confines of a prison, where players craft and sell contraband to fellow inmates. The game leverages the PlayStation VR 2’s advanced features for an immersive crafting experience, including haptic feedback and eye-tracking menu selection.

Simultaneously, TREBUCHET announced the development of Prison Boss: Prohibition, a sequel that promises to extend the original game’s mechanics into a new setting. In Prison Boss: Prohibition, players will navigate the streets of New Yolk City, managing shops to sell both legal and illegal merchandise. The game will introduce a co-op mode, allowing players to collaborate in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Prison Boss VR is now available on PlayStation VR 2, with the game also accessible on Meta Quest and Steam. The sequel, Prison Boss: Prohibition, is currently in development, with plans to release on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR 2, and Steam at a future date.

What are your thoughts on the expansion of the Prison Boss series and the introduction of co-op gameplay in the upcoming sequel? Share your experiences with the original game or your anticipation for the new release in the comments.