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Project Demigod Set for Official Launch on VR Platforms 57

Project Demigod Set for Official Launch on VR Platforms

The Superhero Simulator Exits Early Access with New Features and Mod Support

Fast Travel Games, in collaboration with Omnifarious Studios, has announced February 1, 2024, as the official launch date for Project Demigod. The VR title, previously in early access, will be available on Meta Quest 2, 3, Pro, and PC VR via SteamVR. The game is priced at $19.99 and has surpassed 100,000 units in sales during its pre-release phase.

Project Demigod offers players a superhero simulation experience, allowing for physics-driven combat within a virtual environment. With a selection of 10 powers that can be mixed and matched, the game presents over 40 possible power combinations. These abilities range from super strength and energy bolts to elemental controls like fire and water.

Key features being introduced with the full launch include a Hero Events System for battling enemies in specific scenarios, integrated mod support for a wide range of user-created avatars, and optimized performance enhancements. The developers have also outlined a content roadmap that promises the introduction of new enemy types post-launch.

The game’s transition from the App Lab on Quest to the full Meta Quest store will see it removed from App Lab on January 25, becoming temporarily unavailable for purchase until its official release. Those who have previously purchased the game on App Lab will retain access without needing to repurchase. The Steam Early Access version will continue to be available until the launch date.

For more details on Project Demigod and its features, interested parties are directed to the game’s official website and recent trailer.

What are your expectations for Project Demigod as it moves out of early access? Share your thoughts on the upcoming full release.

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