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QuestDrive: Network Access to Your Quest Files

If you’ve been having trouble getting screenshots or video files off of your Oculus Quest, then developer Stephan Mühl has come to the rescue!

Stephan has developed a little app called QuestDrive that you can install on to your Quest – through SideQuest, that will, essentially, run a server on your Quest that you can access through any PC or Mac browser and that will allow you to download screenshots and video captures from your Quest to your computer!

You can get QuestDrive from his official link here, and if you need general instructions and you can refer to our SideQuest guide if you don’t have that installed already.

Here’s the app description from Stephan himself:

QuestDrive is a small HTTP Server running on your Oculus Quest that helps you to access your VideoShots and Screenshots from every browser in the local network and download them. Wireless and without any additional PC software. It also works on Mobile Phones! The server runs in the background on the Quest with optional autostart on boot and needs almost no resources.

Stephan Mühl

And here are a couple of screenshots!


Stephan is already working on an update, and this is a screenshot from that: