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raccoon lagoon

Raccoon Lagoon Updated!

Raccoon Lagoon, which got a pretty good review here when it was released, and is a must for players who are fans of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, just got updated! When Tim Wilson originally reviewed it, he had some issues with optimizations that got in the way of, an otherwise great, gaming experience. It seems some of these issues might have been resolved! Hidden Path developer (reeces11 on Reddit) posted the release notes for the update.

raccoon lagoon updated

Without further ado:

Multiplayer Improvements!

  • It’s Easier to Find your Friends!
    • Choosing “Friends” in the Multiplayer settings will now ONLY shows portals to Oculus friends that are available.
    • Your island will still only be visible to your friends.
    • Choosing “Public” will still make your island visible to the public. (No changes here, but a good reminder 🙂 )
  • Fixed the bug that caused visiting players to have permanently empty inventories.
    • This would happen if there was a delay in the delivery of inventory data
    • Examples we saw: one player took off the headset while connecting to an island, slow internet pings, or a game crash while connecting to an island
    • Your items are now safe… go and explore other islands!
  • Rock-slide walls work correctly in Multiplayer now!
    • There were a few specific situations where a visitor would get stuck behind an invisible rock-slide wall.  
  • Painted Items are Now Seen by Guests!
    • Go paint all the things to wow your visitors!

Fixes to Quests! Possible Spoilers Below:

  • Llama Luring Quest has better “completed” trigger area.
  • Polish and Fixes to Repeatable Quests.
    • We found the missing Treasure Maps.
    • Adjusted a few locations of Treasure Chests.
    • Contents of the Treasure Chests will now be sent to the Mailbox at the next storm if it gets stuck in an unreachable place.
  • Large fish can once again be caught from the pier after completing the Salt quest. 

Chests and Decorations Behave Better Now!

  • If a full chest is accepted by the collection wall, the items inside are sent to the Mailbox
  • Chests will not stay/get stuck outside the walls of buildings.
    • They will be sent to the Mailbox when the storm happens.
    • The Artist Tent is the one building that things could get stuck in the walls still. We suggest you avoid decorating the interior of it. 
  • Chest and decoration items are less likely to be picked up in the storm and sent to the Mailbox.


  • Players with a Quest headset have the full Theremin audio experience now!
  • Fixed a bunch of Crashes! Woot Woot!