racket fury update

Racket Fury Update Released!

The Racket Fury developers posted release notes on the new Racket Fury update just released!

Here’s a list of fixes/improvements and new stuff 🙂
✅ Improved physics (!)
✅ New Training Scenery (Day/Night)
✅ New Multiplayer (created from scratch)
✅ New Multiplayer lag compensation algorithm
✅ Multiplayer Direct Match support (online-play for the same account/different platform)
✅ Added Multiplayer Room List
✅ Improved matchmaking system (more random)
✅ Fixed – disappearing controller bug
✅ Fixed voice chat support
✅ Tweaked AI
✅ Fixed – friend list save bug
✅ Big performance improvements
✅ Improved Practice Mode + added AI switch options
✅ Fixed – choppy ball movement
✅ Fixed – Avatar Image issue
✅ Changed – ball design
✅ Many more minor fixes/improvements 🙂

If you already tried Racket Fury and had issues with it, please try it again! There’s a chance you’ll change your mind, as the game has changed tremendously! 🙂

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