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Real VR Fishing 'Saltwater' Update Details 59

Real VR Fishing ‘Saltwater’ Update Details

We recently reviewed Real VR Fishing and were very impressed with the game. It’s got great graphics, wonderfully relaxing environments, and is a well designed and nicely gamified fishing simulator with plenty of options. We also mentioned an upcoming ‘Saltwater’ update that would expand the game and introduce saltwater fishing amongst some other enhancements.

Today, Mark Choi, developer at Miragesoft, has unveiled some new details and working images for the ‘Saltwater’ update! Here are the highlights:

There will be a total of five sea stages, and some will include boat fishing.

Full 360° might be included in this update, but Mark isn’t certain enough to make that a promise.

Around 20-30 new marine species will be included, and Mark has promised that a pleasant surprise will be waiting for us at the lodge – but he can’t disclose what that’ll be right now!

Here are some images Mark shared –

We’re all excited for the new update, and we’re sure all fishing fans are anticipating it with, dare we say, ‘baited’ breath (yes, we can hear your collective groans, but we just had to do that..)!