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Richie R. Street DLC for Thief Simulator is coming as DLC 59

Richie R. Street DLC for Thief Simulator is coming as DLC

Thief Simulator Gets Big DLC

The “Richie R. Street” DLC for Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street on Meta Quest 2 is set to release on August 24. This continuation of the story introduces players to a new neighborhood, accompanied by an improved characters’ AI.

Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street initially launched on July 7, 2022. Since its debut, the game has consistently maintained a spot in the Top 50 Best-Selling games on the Meta Quest platform. It has received over 1600 reviews, 81% of which are positive. The upcoming “Richie R. Street” DLC picks up where the original story left off. Players reassume the role of a burglar, previously bailed out of prison by the Lombardi family. Guided by mentor Vinny, the game’s protagonist moves on from Greenview Street to the affluent Richie R. Street.

The new DLC map expands the game area, offering a playing space over twice the size of the initial 2022 release. The Richie R. Street map showcases upscale residences, valuable items to steal, new characters, and luxury vehicles. Players must also navigate heightened security features, such as guards, cameras, alarms, and high fences.

3R Games, the developer behind Thief Simulator VR, has optimized the Richie R. Street DLC especially for Meta Quest 2. The adaptation includes enhanced graphics, a more immersive experience, revamped character AI, facial animations, and full voice-overs for non-playable characters. The DLC’s release will introduce numerous new missions, some of which are exclusive to Quest 2 users. Additional missions will be added in future free updates.

In line with their commitment to the Thief franchise, 3R Games also revealed that the Thief storyline will wrap up with the “Industrial Street” DLC. However, the studio has plans for more DLCs and updates, set to launch later this year, expanding beyond the core narrative.

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