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STRIDE arrived on Oculus Quest

STRIDE has arrived on Oculus Quest

STRIDE is here and our review is up! The VR game that combines frenetic Parkour movement and first-person shooting has finally arrived on Oculus Quest. Fight for your life as you hurtle through the rooftops of a futuristic metropolis while dodging bullets and shooting back.

The game was available on Steam via Early Access, but now it has officially launched and has additional features on the Oculus Quest Version.

STRIDE arrived on Oculus Quest

Compared to the PCVR version of the game, the Oculus version features a reworked tutorial and new gameplay features and improvements:

 – completely reworked tutorial, now it’s more VR newbie-friendly 

 – improved enemy AI

 – new enemy type for the Endless Mode: a battle drone. It drops three types of mines to stop the player

 – improved gunplay 

 – melee combat

 – improved, more immersive player hands

 – 2 new difficulty levels for the Endless Mode: Harmless and Expert

 – new sections for the Endless Mode generation pool

 – 3 new types of power-ups that may be found at the scenes of battles in both Endless and Arena game modes

 – new interactive elements: openable doors and breakable windows

 – and more

 This content will be available on Steam and VIVEPORT INFINITY by the end of August.  

On Oculus Quest, STRIDE has three game modes:

 • Endless mode: Infinite procedural level generation provides unlimited challenging terrain to traverse.

 • Arena mode: A spacious arena with waves of enemies. Perfect for practicing tricks across a varied terrain and refining shooting skills.

 • Time Run is perfect for testing parkour-at-speed skills in a race against the clock.

STRIDE arrived on Oculus Quest

Although it is nice to have this upgraded version of the game available on Oculus Quest, it seems the game is not complete yet. Joy Way Games is working on its story mode, which is supposed to add new enemies and mechanics, but there’s no date for its release so far. Multiplayer is another game mode that we are not getting in this version yet, but it is in the works.

Are you ready to run and jump through rooftops in VR? Let us know in the comment section!

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