Synth Riders for Quest | Giveaway!

[Giveaway competition is over, and the winners are Elijah Goh, Daniel Lucas, and snowblind901!]

If you’re a Quest owner, and especially if you’re a rhythm games fan [or if you follow our news posts – Ed], you must know by now that Synth Riders is getting released on the 31st of October, in just a few days. Well, guess what? We’re doing another giveaway, and three lucky Questers could find themselves in possession of the game as soon as it’s out!

So here’s what we want you to do! Head on over to our YouTube video that’s announcing the giveaway, subscribe to our channel (not obligatory, but it would certainly be nice), where we post nothing but Quest news, previews, and reviews, and leave us a comment, but not just any comment. Let’s all have some fun with this!

We want you to leave us a mashup!

It’s super easy, you head on to, you pick two tracks from YouTube that you think will work well together, and will instantly (okay, it takes a minute or two) create a video/music mashup for you! Include a link to that mashup in your YouTube comment on our video, and you’re in the competition!

We’ll pick our favorite three mashups, and award those users with access codes to Synth Riders!

Sounds good? We hope so! Sounds easy? Well, duh.

Enjoy, get mashing, and we wish you the best of luck!