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Drop Dead: The Cabin Gets First Free Content Update with The Mines 61

Drop Dead: The Cabin Gets First Free Content Update with The Mines

Zombie Killer Goes to the Mines

Soul Assembly announced today that their virtual reality zombie shooter game, Drop Dead: The Cabin, will receive a major update this spring, featuring new content, weapons, and difficulty modes.

The update introduces a new area of interest called The Mines, where players can explore dark, dangerous, deadly tunnels, and the abandoned mining town, now infested with hordes of ravenous zombies. Players will also have access to two new weapons, the Uzi and the Rifle, adding more firepower to their zombie-slaying arsenal.

Drop Dead: The Cabin Gets First Free Content Update with The Mines 65

In addition, the update includes new difficulty modes, including a highly challenging Nightmare mode for veteran players who want to test their skills against even more formidable foes. Performance improvements and bug fixes are also part of the update.

Drop Dead: The Cabin Gets First Free Content Update with The Mines 67

“We’re excited to bring new content and challenges to Drop Dead: The Cabin players with this update,” said David Solari, Soul Assembly’s CEO. “The Mines is a thrilling new location that opens up more possibilities for the variation in each game, and the new weapons and difficulty modes will offer new ways to experience the game’s intense action and horror.”

Drop Dead: The Cabin Gets First Free Content Update with The Mines 69

Soul Assembly invites their players to check out the update and share their thoughts and experiences. “We’re always thrilled to see players sharing their gameplay and experiences,” added Solari. “We’re confident that the new content and features will give players more reasons to come back and have fun with Drop Dead: The Cabin.”

The update will be available for free to all owners of Drop Dead: The Cabin on Meta Quest 2, and Pico.

Content Update Highlights:

  • The Mines – Descend into the dark and foreboding tunnels of the mine and find yourself in the abandoned mining village, where the unearthly glow of the mysterious purple rock illuminates the way. Prepare to face the undead creatures lurking in the shadows, their eyes aglow with supernatural power. Will you have what it takes to survive?
  • The Rifle – Take aim from the many vantage points within The Cabin, such as the balcony or the roof, and become the ultimate marksman in the fight against Dr. Monday’s undead minions. With each successful shot, earn XP to level up your shooting skills and unlock new perks.
  • The Uzi – When the undead are closing in fast, the Uzi is the weapon you need to keep them at bay. Perfect for tight spaces and close-quarters combat, this rapid-fire submachine gun is your best bet when you’re outnumbered and outgunned. Whether you’re fighting your way through the narrow tunnels of the mine or trying to survive in the cramped rooms of the cabin, the Uzi is your go-to weapon for taking down the zombie hordes.
  • Difficulty Modes – Ready for a challenge? Drop Dead: The Cabin’s new difficulty modes will put your skills to the test! Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or a new recruit, you’ll find a mode that suits your playstyle. For those who seek a true test of their grit, there’s the nightmare mode, where the undead are stronger, faster, and more relentless than ever before. With the new difficulty modes, you can customise your gameplay experience and push your limits to the max. Are you up for the challenge?

We loved The Cabin when we reviewed it, and are absolutely going to dive back in to try out the Mines and the new weapons! How’s your experience been with the game so far? If you’re not already playing it, this might be a great time to join in on the fun!

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