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The Light Brigade VR Game Receives MR Mode and Graphics Update on Quest 3 59

The Light Brigade VR Game Receives MR Mode and Graphics Update on Quest 3

The Light Brigade Gets some Q3 Love

Future Friends Games has announced a significant update for The Light Brigade, a VR roguelike shooter game. The update, effective immediately, introduces new features and enhancements specifically for Meta Quest 3, along with improvements for the Quest 2 version.

Key features of the update for Quest 3 include:

  • New graphics options: Quality Mode, Clarity Mode, and Low Power Mode.
  • Mixed Reality (MR) Mode: Players can now defend their real-life space against virtual enemies in a wave shooter format, offering an immersive MR experience.

For Quest 2, the update brings:

  • Improved Level of Detail (LOD) and overall enhanced performance.

“The Light Brigade” challenges players to master physics-based gunplay and light-powered magic, climbing the ranks, mastering spells, and upgrading capabilities. The game offers a variety of player classes, weapons, and playstyles, adding depth to each run.

Here’s our review of the game before the update! Spoiler, we already loved it:

This update is intended to optimize the gaming experience on the Quest 3 with dynamic shadows, improved lighting, and higher resolution, while also enhancing the visuals for Quest 2 users. The new MR mode aims to blend virtual and real-world elements, providing a unique gaming experience.

If you’re new to The Light Brigade, you can watch our review here:

The update is free for players on Meta Quest 2/3/Pro. For more information about the game and the update, visit