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The Under Presents: Tempest Playing on Quest Through September! 59

The Under Presents: Tempest Playing on Quest Through September!

One of our favorite games/experiences on Quest (and we’ve liked a lot of them..) has been the extravagantly unique The Under Presents. Part game, part theater, part performance art, and part multiplayer adventure, The Under Presents carved a unique niche in the VR landscape, and we loved it for doing that.

In case you don’t have time to read our full review, this was Omar’s conclusion:

“I was (and remain) very impressed with The Under Presents, it’s a worthwhile and rewarding experiment in new genres of virtual reality entertainment. It includes a narratively strong puzzle game but is not just a puzzle game. It’s thoughtful, joyful, playful, and engaging. A title that can only disappoint gamers who demand that games conform to their expectations, The Under Presents is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced while wearing a headset. If we had some kind of accolade for exceptional titles, it would breeze past and grab it.”

The Under Presents | Review by Omar Kamel

Now, developer Tender Claws brings a whole new experience to The Under Presents with Tempest, described as a “live, interactive, and intimate VR show inspired by the Shakespeare play. With personal variations among each actor, and new groups of participants at each showtime, no two performances of The Under Presents: Tempest will be the same. Each performance will last about 40 minutes.”

The Tender Claws web page for Tempest states that “Tempest was Inspired by Shakespeare’s famed tale, join your intrepid guide Prospero in this intimate, interactive performance. In order to bring Prospero to life, the actor must enlist the help of the audience. The line between real and virtual, and truth and fiction, blur as audience members are “cast” as Prospero’s spirits to realize an interactive, virtual version of the story.”

Ticketed showtimes will be held throughout a 4-hour window (4:00pm – 8:00pm Pacific on weekdays, 11:00am – 3:00pm Pacific on weekends) every day from July 9 through the end of September. Tickets are available as an in-app purchase within The Under Presents. The Under Presents: Tempest is exclusive to Oculus Quest and Rift.

the under presents the tempest

As an added bonus, the updates that enable the Tempest also make a few changes:

  • Tempest will be available for $14.99 (US) per ticket as an in-app purchase and includes permanent access to The Under multiplayer space.
  • The original ‘Timeboat’ single-player experience will now be available as an in-app purchase for $11.99 (US) and also grants permanent access to The Under multiplayer space.
  • The intro to The Under Presents (about 45 min of gameplay) will now be free of charge as a demo of the experience.

So, given that you can now try out the first portion of The Under Presents for free, and decide if you like the whole feel of it, there’s really no excuse (none, we say, none!) not to jump in and give this wonderful release a try if you haven’t already.

Are you a fan of The Under Presents? Excited about Tempest? Let us know in the comments!

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