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Titan1Studios Launches 'Events at Unity Farm' in Steam Early Access 59

Titan1Studios Launches ‘Events at Unity Farm’ in Steam Early Access

Dark Fantasy, Action, and Magic in Unity Farm

Titan1Studios is thrilled to announce that its much-anticipated game, THE EVENTS AT UNITY FARM, will officially enter Early Access on Steam VR on September 23, 2023. The game will also be in development for PlaystationVR2®. The news comes after a successful demo launch during Steam Next Fest in February, which garnered more than 18,500 activations.

About the Game

THE EVENTS AT UNITY FARM is a story-rich, dark fantasy action-adventure title that offers an intriguing blend of survival, RPG elements, and shooter-style magic combat. The game invites players to prevent a cataclysmic event called the “Multipocalypse” by unraveling the mystery surrounding a ghost girl named Alliss. Players navigate an expansive story universe, employing an ancestral journal that enables the casting of physical magic, solving intricate puzzles, and battling formidable foes.

Titan1Studios Launches 'Events at Unity Farm' in Steam Early Access 63

Inspired by Lovecraftian horror, fantasy elements, and steampunk aesthetics, the game pays homage to classic 1990s adventure and RPG titles from pioneering publishers like Sierra Online, Origin Systems, and LucasArts.

Characters and Story Arc

The game introduces Ruth Bowie, a shy BIPOC teen from a matrilineal lineage of occult scientists. Ruth is thrust into a quest by her grandmother, who sends her back in time to prevent the Multipocalypse. Armed with her great-grandmother’s journal, she faces a menagerie of mythical and technological creatures born of human experiments gone awry.

Why Early Access?

The move to Early Access was a calculated strategy. Titan1Studios is committed to delivering a quality gaming experience while actively involving its community in the game’s future development. The Early Access stage offers an invaluable opportunity for the development team to incorporate feedback from players and content creators, following successful Closed Beta and Demo phases.

What’s New in Early Access

Players already familiar with the demo will find a plethora of new content in Early Access. This includes:

  • An enhanced combat system featuring spell shooting combinations
  • An XP system with skill upgrades and potion crafting
  • Expanded lore and unlocked locations
  • Brand-new puzzles and boss battles
  • Arena (Horde) Mode, introducing the fictional Western town of Rockslide
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