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Titanic: A Space Between Set for Release on Meta Quest 59

Titanic: A Space Between Set for Release on Meta Quest

New VR Time-Travel Horror Thriller to Explore the RMS Titanic

Globiss Interactive, in collaboration with Boombox Games, is set to release Titanic: A Space Between on the Meta Quest store on February 14, 2024, for 19.99 EUR/USD. This VR time-travel horror thriller offers players a unique opportunity to explore the RMS Titanic in a narrative-driven adventure. The game focuses on the story of Hendrik van Eden, sent back in time to investigate the disappearance of a previous traveler, Diana, and unveils the complexities and dangers of time-travel.

Set aboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic, players will navigate through a blend of puzzles and escape mechanics, aiming to uncover the mysteries of Diana’s disappearance while contending with the ship’s historical demise. The game promises a mix of mild horror and mystery, focusing on the narrative and the immersive experience of being on the Titanic, enhanced with top-tier graphics and a detailed recreation of the ship.

Titanic: A Space Between Set for Release on Meta Quest 63

Following its debut on Meta Quest, Titanic: A Space Between is also scheduled for release on PC VR and PSVR2, dates to be announced. The game aims to deliver a high-fidelity experience comparable to PC VR standards, utilizing advanced lighting and water systems to recreate the Titanic’s grandeur and the tragic sinking event.

Globiss Interactive, a San Diego-based indie developer, aims to introduce a novel VR experience with Titanic: A Space Between, marking their foray into the VR horror genre. Boombox Games supports the project, emphasizing the essence of indie gaming and creative storytelling.

Titanic: A Space Between Set for Release on Meta Quest 65

For those interested in experiencing this unique blend of history, horror, and time-travel, Titanic: A Space Between could offer an intriguing adventure. Additional information, including a trailer and press kit, is available for those looking to explore more about the game’s concept and features.

What are your expectations for a time-travel horror game set on the Titanic? Share your thoughts or any other VR titles you’re looking forward to in the comments.