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Free 'Undead Valley' DLC Added to Arizona Sunshine! 59

Free ‘Undead Valley’ DLC Added to Arizona Sunshine!

As per the Arizona Sunshine Content Roadmap you might’ve seen us post a while back when the ‘Old Mine’ DLC was released, the third Free DLC from Vertigo is coming to the Oculus Quest today!

Undead Valley DLC for Arizona Sunshine

To quote Vertigo:

Undead Valley puts a fresh spin on the VR zombie shooters horde mode. Play co-op with up to three friends or go at it alone, the key to surviving this map is to keep moving and take full advantage of your surroundings. Gradually expand your playground by blowing up obstacles and unlocking doors, clearing the way to new floors and finally breaking out of the warehouse. Stay ahead of the horde by unlocking new areas, and finding new weapons, ammo and tactical positions as you go. 

As before, a blog post with tips from the development team on how to survive Undead Valley will be coming to the Oculus blog later today.

And here’s another image of the DLC roadmap so you can keep an eye out if you’re a fan of Arizona Sunshine!

Undead Valley DLC for Arizona Sunshine
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