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Unplugged Announces New Partnership 61

Unplugged Announces New Partnership

It seems that Unplugged is not wasting any time in becoming a reference to Rock and Roll in the VR world.

The music game — which is coming to Oculus Quest on October 21 — has just announced new partnership deals with some very well-known rock and roll companies.

Still, when it comes to all that such collaboration will unfold and how it will affect Unplugged moving forward, we might just have to wait and see.

According to the developers, the following brands are an integral part of the Unplugged experience:

  • EMG Pickups 
  • Gruv Gear® 
  • Marshall Amplification
  • Orange Amps®   
  • PRS Guitars®  
  • Schecter Guitars®  
Unplugged Announces New Partnership 65

Unplugged is a rhythm rock and roll game akin to Guitar Hero that has you swinging your hands while air guitaring instead of using a joypad or guitar controller to play. This is made possible thanks to the tracking technology being used in the Unplugged. That allows the game to recognize when your hands are in the the correct place to hit the notes you’re seeing. Unplugged currently has about 20 different rock and roll songs and there might be more in the future.

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